DaVinci Resolve App Reviews

64 add

Still doesn’t open

Doesn’t open, but if you download it from their website it works. Not for MBP though because of the GPU


This is the best free video editor you can get. There are no words to describe how good it is for a free program. You will need a good computer to run this.

This lasted 10 minutes

it couldn’t import any files…don’t bother wasting your time.

Maxed Macbook wont run it

16gb memory , 1 TB 7200 RPM drive , 2012 Macbook Pro . Davinci will not even open , All other Video platforms will run , Davinci doesnt .

Didn’t even open

Tried to run it on MacBook Air mid 2011, El Capitan. Didn’t even open, just quit unexpectedly on the start. Pity, as Adobe Premiere works, so it can’t be computer performance issue.

Free version caps max output size at 3840x2160

Even though my all my input frames are 4096x2048 it refuses to deliver. Very dissappointed as it seems otherwise feature rich.

Became Useless

Been using this for 2 years. The last two updates created frustration. All footage now loads darker than the original. Then it exports lighter than what was corrected. I even re-downloaded from the Black Magic website. Same result. Too bad, it worked great for a long time. I can’t take anymore.

its crashing again and again.

I can’t open it at all.. but there was no way to hate it or like it . and I gave 3 stars. I’m using 10.12, osx but i can’t even open this app.

Application doesn’t even start!

I installed DaVinci Resolve through the Apple App Store on my 13” MacBook Pro (late 2011 model) with 8GB RAM running MacOS Sierra (10.12.1). I’ve tried starting DaVinci Resolve twice, but it just crashes on me — no splash screen, no UI windows, nothing but a MacOS crash report dialog. Oh, well. I appreciate the developer’s efforts, but I’m uninstalling the application.

Too buggy to work

The interface looks nice but unfortunately I can’t even import my media to see how it works. The media either does not show up after I’ve tried to open it or the program crashes. Hoping this will be fixed as it looks like a promising editing software otherwise.

Crashed my computer

I was trying to duplicate a project I’d done in iMovie and after 30 minutes of work it crashed my whole computer. I could find no remnants of the work I’d done. A couple of times prior to crashing it had blanked out the monitor it was on, but I could get it back by un-maximizing it.

Looks great, wish it worked.

Like the previous review said this program looks excellent. However it is useless at the moment because I can’t import media. If it gets fixed I will fix my review.

Unable to import any media

The import box dialog box opens, I select a movie greated by QuickTime, click import. Nothing happens. Nothing, no warning, no progress bar, nothing.

Not User-Friendly At All

I’m still working with it for the time being because it’s supposed to be such a great program and I want it to work so badly. However, it is the least user-friendly program I have ever used. I’m generally good with computers, and I’ve watched tons of online tutorials, but I still can barely operate this. Furthermore, after I minimized it for a second, the whole interface changed so I’m now re-installing it. You also apparently need the world’s strongest computer for it to run smoothly.


This was a highly recommended app, but I can’t even open it. Please resolve.

Can’t import media file

Can someone help me, i can’t import a media from my GH4 footage Thanks

Would love to use this software but...

unable to add videos or clips, basically nothing works. reinstalled it without luck. should be removed from App-Store until it works again.

Crashing, Media Not Importing

This software has caused my 15” Touch Bar Mac to crash repeatedly, the application got to a point where it won’t stay open for more than 5 minutes without crashing, and now is not even importing media. When Resolve works its great, and deserves 5 stars for being such a powerful tool that is available for free; that’s seriously amazing and appreciated. But it’s not working at all right now so I’m giving it one star until it is updated.

Can’t Import Media

I love resolve as a coloring tool, but in the new version I can’t even import media to start coloring. In previous versions it was also pretty difficult to do a round-trip export from Premiere into Resolve, which is the workflow I’d opt to use until Resolve’s editing capabilities would surpass Premiere. Every method of export/import has it’s own bugs, and does not make for a workable experience. Please fix these things!

It’s Top of the Line Editing and Color Finishing Software

Ok, so here goes, the harsh truth…all the 1 star reviews have little to no idea what they are doing. This is not your “oh I see it in the app store, I’ll add some filters and make my game videos l33t” In all honesty it’s not really intended for the app store…yeah it’s free, and it’s an app... Know now before even getting started that this is professional level software and it’s learning curve reflects that. I’ve been using Resolve now for about 4yrs and it’s a extremely complicated piece of software. Because it does an extremely complicated job. There was a reason it used to cost $100k for a full setup. Also being professional level software it has VERY specific system requirements. Since it’s at home editing and color finishing 6K RED footage it’s not a simple import and export app. You have to know what you are doing. BlackMagicDesign has done very well in the last few versions in streamiling the workflow and making it much more accessible. Sorry to put it this way, but if you don’t know what Resolve is, you probably shouldn’t download it. All the complaints about it being buggy, not working, crashing computer are probably using hardware that is clearly listed in the compatibility guide. Look up the compatibility list on BlackMagicDesign and if you want to give it a shot, go for it. It’s an amazing piece of software that used to cost more that a luxery car. It is most certainly not buggy, etc etc…it’s just that they don’t kow how to use it.

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